Nike ”All i want for xmas”

Dear Santa

I trust that you have been all good and well.

I know that i have been writing to you for many years and i guest this year around i have been a good boy and thought why not let me give it one more shot. This year i have made it abit easier for the both of us to choose what i deserve to  have for xmas, but not to worry i have made it as simple as possible. The team from had put together a selection of the freshest and dopest Nike sneaker, which they have stocked up this year. I have made a short-list of my top 5 wishes which i would not mind seeing under my Christmas tree at all.

NB: I have forget to mention, they an online store which cuts out the hassle of you having to find parking for yourself and your reindeer’s at the busy shopping malls. But also avoiding and saving you the time and frustration for having to standing in endless long queues with just having to add to cart. The free delivery and returns options makes it perfect as they will have it delivered right under my Christmas tree.

  1. Nike Blazer Mid Premium Vintage QS (R1099.00)

    Nike, Sneakers, Blazer

    Image: Superbalist

  2. Nike Air Max Lunar 90 (R1699.00)

    Nike, Air Max, Lunar, Sneaker

    Image: Superbalist

  3. Nike Air Max 95 HW QS (R1999.00)

    Nike, Air Max, Sneakers, 95

    Image: Superbalist

  4. Nike Roshe Run Suede (R899.00)

    Nike, Roshe Run, Sneakers, Suede

    Image: Superbalist

  5. Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 (R999.00) 

    Nike, Air Force, Mid 1 97, Sneakers

    Image: Superbalist

Best regards,

Sneaker Heads


J Cole: 2014 Forest Hill Drive

J Cole has always had a playlist on my iPod, whether it was his first album back in 2011 with ”Cole World: The Sideline Story” or ”Born Sinner” which was released in 2013. The American hip-hop rapper latest album to his list was ”2014 Forest Hill Drive” which was for sure added to my playlist not a minute after the album was available for download on the net.

The album which sees no special appearance or guest artist, but sees a full 13 track album with Cole jamming behind the mic. He didn’t do all of this on his own, with helps from producers such as Cardiak, Vinylz, Phonix Beats, Willie B and of course Cole himself. I might not be able to say that thus is by far his best album, but it will definitely be staying on my iPod on repeat for some time to come. The album is still available for download on itunes.

Album Track-List 

  1. Intro
  2. January 28th
  3. Wet Dreamz
  4. 03′ Adolescence
  5. A Tale of 2 Citiez
  6. Fire Squad
  7. St. Tropez
  8. G.O.M.D.
  9. No Role Modelz
  10. Hello
  11. Apparently
  12. Love Yourz
  13. Note to Self


The ”shirt-wrapped-waist” trend

I had this endless argument (discussion as she would call it) with my girlfriend in regards to the amount of shirts, in particular the amount of check-shirts that i owned in my wardrobe. I had to come up with a plan with what i was going to do with all these shirts, as i felt at some point she would donate all the shirts to some hospice sooner or later.

I remember soon after Chris Brown dropped his hit song ”Loyal”, in the music video we saw him pull off the ”shirt-wrapped-around-waist” trend which if i recall we used to do as kids when you were tired of having to carry your jacket/shirt around but would end up wrapping it around your waist. But as adults after a few well known celebrities and hip-hop artist starting doing these things it all becomes normal at this age or so we seem to feel.

This left me with no choice, thanks to the help of Breezy with just the right idea and option i needed to put the shirts i had to a good, very good use. I had to find some inspiration before going ahead and doing this, as i know my girlfriend too well and she wouldn’t let me down easily if i came up with this plan and it failed. If it had to fail i think that much more than just my shirts  would have ended up at the local hospice.

Check out the ”shirt-wrapped-around-waist” trend just as it is meant to be done. If these guys could do it, sure we all could.

Mens Fashion, Trend, Shirt, Miguel, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West


Mens Fashion, Trend, Shirt, Miguel, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West


Mens Fashion, Trend, Shirt, Miguel, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West

Image: Tumbler

Mens Fashion, Trend, Shirt, Miguel, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West



Esther ‘Brownie’ Philander – Better Days

On the weekend, while doing some research and merely just browsing the net (after a long week of seeing ”Kim Kardashian – Break the internet”) i wanted to find something fresh and new to share with the readers. After a good amount of data, i came across some guys doing underground creative for African popular culture which did videos and visuals for brands & artists called ”The Visual Creative Content Gang”.

They did a music video for a local artist which won a competition hosted by ”Hectic-N9”RAWkus which was a live, music talent search competition that aims to expose fresh, South African talent. They managed to find an artist which i as they say I grew up with and witness develop from level to level with her career as a local upcoming artist. Esther ”Brownie” Philander which reigns from Ottery, Cape Town was crowd the champion of the competition back in 2013, just went from being the girl with the bubbly and outrageous personality to being a force to reckon with in the local music scene in Mzansi. This is just one of the many hit singles and music videos which we will hear from this talented young artist.

This is her latest hit single under the record label ”Soul Unit Records”, with the song titled Better Days.

Kim Kardashian – ”Break the internet”

They say if you manage to get the internet to come to a halt and when as the cover shoot says ”Break the internet”, you know that this is going to be something which will be trending and catch the attention of million internet users as its goes virals across all forms of social media.

This could not be done by just anyone out there, but it can most definitely be pulled off by ”Kim Kardashian”, with her winter cover shoot for New-York magazine ”Paper”.

By the reactions, shares, comments and viral responds to the cover shoot the guys at Paper had by most achieved what they wanted too with this campaign.

How did you react to this today, did she break your internet or data?

Kim Kardashian, Cover Shoot, Paper Magazine, Break the internet

Image: Paper Magazine 

Kim Kardashian, Cover Shoot, Paper Magazine, Break the internet

Image: Paper Magazine


Chefs Fashion Show

Passion & Flava presents CHEFS FASHION SHOW

Fashion is already a force to be reckoned with. It inspires, provokes, leads and enthralls. A collaboration of Fashion & Food, Hip-Hop & an amazing entertainment line-up brings you an event, never seen before in Cape Town.

Flirty food with fabulous fashion paired together using two elements which both chefs and designers have in common, Passion & Flava.

Join us for a Night of Fabulosity with The Fashion and food mesh up & Chefs Kitchen Hip-Hop After Party

Venue: Casa Blanca Cape Town
Time of Show: 20.00pm-22.30pm
Tickets: Pre-Sold: R150 VIP:R200 and R100 @ the door
Dress Code: Fashionably Fabulous

Live Perfomances by : Youngsta Kaapstad and Ben Caesar
Guest Dj’s : Dj Switch, Dj Lyle & Gary Poole

Mc: Sunil Osman
Fashion House: Melissa Pearce The Style Closet
Photography by: Marius del Carme Photography
Hair & Make-up by: La Petite

The best pairing will receive R5000.00 cash prize and The best dressed couple wins a breakfast for Four at The Table Bay Hotel. (Valid until 31st December 2014)


See you there!

Passion and Flava, Chefs Fashion Show, Casablanca, Cape Town, Food, Fashion, Entertainment

Image: Chefs Fashion Show

”Furious 7” – Official Trailer

They say in most cases, that after the third title in a sequel ”It is either overkilled or just completely lost the plot”, but in the case of ”Fast and Furious” this might just be a whole different story.

The seventh instalment in the series, titled ‘’Furious 7’’ was written by Chris Morgan and directed by James Wan. The star-studded crew is back in full on action with Vin DieselPaul Walker, Dwayne JohnsonMichelle RodriguezJordana BrewsterLucas Black and Jason Statham. How is it that the official ‘’Transporter’’ is now playing the bad guy in one of the fastest and most anticipated motor vehicle action movies on screen.  This marks the final appearance of Paul Walker who died on 30 November 2013, while the film was still in production.

Furious 7 is set to take place after Fast & Furious 6. After defeating Owen Shaw and his crew, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) and the rest of the crew are able to return to the United States and live the normal life again as they had wanted, but Owen’s older brother, Ian Shaw (Jason Statham), is after Dominic, seeking revenge for the death of his brother, putting the entire crew in danger once more. After learning of Han’s death, the crew sets out to find the man who killed one of their own, before he finds them first.

Check out the official trailer below:

Nike Sportswear “Wheat” Sneaker Pack

Nike Sportwear has just released a new sneaker pack for the ”Flax Pack” collection, in which we see all the biggest and dopest styles in the Nike range been put into a ”Wheat Sneaker Pack”. The style which we will see release in stores later this season, we see the 3 iconic silhouettes been dipped in a fresh looking ”Wheat” colourway from top to bottom.

Three icons made over with one brush. The Nike Flax Collection, featuring the Air Force 1 Mid, Air Max 1, and Air Trainer 1. The Air Force 1 Mid and Air Max 1 drop November 1 on Nike.Com and at select Nike Sportswear retailers worldwide. Which of these would you be copping this summer?


Nike, Sportwear, Wheat Pack, Air Max, Air Force, Air Trainer 1, Collection

Image: Nike Sportwear


Image: Nike Sportwear

Nike, Sportwear, Wheat Pack, Air Max, Air Force, Air Trainer 1, Collection

Image: Nike Sportwear















Nicki Minaj featuring Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown – Only

After the single release from the Hip-Queen ”Nicki Minaj” with the hit ”Anaconda”, i was not too sure about her at all. In the Hip-Hop scene it seems like even from the 70’s we had all these wrapper rap about ”Sex, Drugs and Alcohol” which in todays scene still seems to be the case. But the Anaconda video was definitely one of those which you wanted to watch on a Full-HD television with the volume turned off.

Nicki Minaj has then released a follow-up single titled  “Only” featuring Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown. On this new track, Nicki goes in hard from the start, rapping “Yo, I never f—ed Wayne, I never f—ed Drake / All my life, man, f—’s sake / If I did I did a menage with ‘em / And let ‘em eat my ass like a cupcake.” 

Chris Brown joins in with the hook before Drizzy and Wayne deliver their standout guest features.

It’s the third cut from her forthcoming album The Pinkprint. Check out the track below and than let me know whats up.

Nicki Minaj featuring Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown – Only

Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Only

Image: Pink Friday


Blindspot – Authentic House Party


If you have ever been too a party which was hosted by the guy from Limelyt entertainment, i think we all know that he has never thrown a party of poor quality and turn-up. The Blindspot, Authentic House party is none the less not going to come short of that at all.

A house on the hill overlooking the beautiful scenery that JHB has to offer. Red cups, ice cold drinks, short skirts, shorts and shades. All your favourite DJ’s keeping you moving all day n night!!! You might even land up in the pool!!

This is the ultimate house party!!

All this goes down on Saturday the 1st of November 2014!!
-We open the gates at 1pm.
-It’ll only cost you R80 to get in before 5pm.
-No U18s cos its gonna be complete debauchery!!!

Bottle specials til 5pm!!
Skyy and mixers for R500
Jameson and mixers for R650

4 Steyn Street, Observatory

For more info contact Damian Hare

Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party


Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party


Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party


Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party


Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party