Style Fashion Week Africa 2014

Style Fashion Week Africa is  a fashion show that aims to promote and help designers and models all over Africa to enter the fashion industry and sustain their brands through collaborations and mentorships from other fashion lovers from all over the world. Style Fashion Week Africa also aims to celebrate our heritage as Africans and to learn from other Africans.


Our vision is to keep our heritage alive, there is a need to practice it every day. In such times, fashion is the best way to celebrate our heritage 365 days a year. We want to see the new generation of South Africa and Africa as a whole proudly wearing clothing with cultural features. Young designers from Swaziland, Durban and Johannesburg will be showcasing their heritage inspired ranges from the 26th- 27 September. Style fashion Week Africa has not only engaged models from other provinces, but also models from Namibia as well.

Date: 26- 27 September 2014
Time: 18:00 -22:00
Venue: Museum Africa Newtown, 121 Bree Street Johannesburg, Gauteng

The beneficiary of Style Fashion Week Africa is Hospie Toys, a charity organization started by a 21 year old Mosa who spent most of her life in hospital suffering from a kidney disease. Having seen what it feels like to spend most of your life in hospital, she decided to collect children’s books and toys and donate them to children in hospital.

Style Fashion Week Africa will have : Designer Stalls, Great Fashion Labels on the runway, Cash Bar, DJs, Poets, Singers , Dancers, Celeb Judges and may more

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Style Fashion Week, Africa, Fashion, Designer, Johannesburg, Africa. SFWA

Image: Sandor Oroszi

Style Fashion Week Africa, Fashion, Designer, Johannesburg, Africa. SFWA

Image: Sandor Oroszi

Style Fashion Week Africa, Fashion, Designer, Johannesburg, Africa. SFWA

Image: Sandor Oroszi

Style Fashion Week Africa, Fashion, Designer, Johannesburg, Africa. SFWA

Image: Sandor Oroszi


Cassper Nyovest – Phumakim

Family Tree proudly presents CASSPER NYOVEST’s highly anticipated PHUMAKIM music video. Shot in multiple locations across South African townships over two days with the help & support of Redds and most importantly Cassper’s friends & fans.

Motion Picture by STUDIO SPACE PICTURES (South Africa)

Music Production by BRIAN SOKO

TSHOLOFELO Album available NOW on iTunes & stores nationwide!!
Twitter: @CassperNyovest 
IG: @CassperNyovest
Facebook: @CassperNyovest



Major League Garden is the ultimate social festival, a spring outdoor funfair event with the best outdoor activities and live stage of the best acts Mzansi can offer. A place where you can join the finest ladies and gents for a day of drinks, dance and summer madness! A place where friends get together to usher in the finest season, through sounds of laughter and music. An occasion where you get to bring your own cooler boxes (before 5pm), or join us in the Major League beer garden. Not forgetting your camp chairs, picnic blankets and non-chalet vibes to share in the greatness of the Major League Garden


  • MR X
  • ZAN D


  • KO

Venue: Wanderers Stadium (Rosebank)
Time: 12pm until late
Date: 20th September 2014
Theme: Fun underneath the SUN

Presold : R150 (limited) COMPUTICKET
Tickets at the door: R200

VIP Charge: R500


Its a day of loads fun and good times. Lets turn up and make it memorable. See you there.

Major League Gardens, Social Festival, Johannesburg

Image: Honda Music

Major League Gardens, Social Festival, Johannesburg

Image: Honda Music

Apple iPhone 6

The biggest release of this year so far, but more likely the reason that this is one of the most anticipated product release for over generations of technology and smartphone innovations.

Apple has officially announced the release of it’s latest product range namely the ”iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and smart watch” technologies as said by the CEO of Apple Tim Cook. The big day happened the 9th of September at a big keynote presentation  held at Cupertino featuring full product launch and specification review, we got a chance to round up the new and latest key features of the Apple iPhone 6.

Design and Display

The iPhone 6 will come out with a 4.7-inch LED back-lit display with a 1334 x 750 resolution, with the all new retina HD display. The screen with boast up to 1334 x 750 pixel range which is the same as that of the iPhone 5S. Although iPhone 6 will deliver higher contrast and wider viewing angles than the iPhone 5S and it even features an improved polariser, so that colour’s look more natural when you use it while wearing sunglasses. With the seamless design of the anodized aluminum and stainless steel to the curve of the polished glass which the iPhone 6 is made of, it still manages to pack all the features into a device which is only 6.9mm thin.

The Enormous Power

The iPhone 6 packs in an A8, 64-bit second generation processor and a next-generation M8 motion co-processor too. The iPhone 6 sticks with 1GB of RAM and has a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, compared to the 1.3GHz dual-core iPhone 5S. And because it’s designed to be so power efficient, the A8 chip can sustain higher performance which means you can play graphics-intensive games or enjoy video at higher frame rates for longer than ever. The A8 processor uses an advanced 20-nanometer process. It’s a remarkably small and efficient chip on which two billion transistors deliver incredible performance with up to 50 percent more energy efficiency than the previous A7 chip.

”Say Cheese”, The Camera 

The iPhone has not changed much in the camera megapixel as compared to the iPhone 5s, which in this case is the iSight 8MP camera but it came packing with other features and improvements. A new wide angle iSight lens, true tone flash, f/2.2 aperture, greater noise reduction, digital image stabilisation and a 2 x faster autofocus provide even better images. The rear camera can shoot 1080p video and the Slo-mo video mode has been boosted to give you the option to record in either 120 fps or 240 fps. Videos also benefit from continuous autofocus, plus Apple has added a new time-lapse mode to the mix.

The iOS 8 operating system

With the release of the latest iOS 8 system which would be released and available the 17th September, which could be downloaded and updated on the previous iPhone models such as the iPhone 4s, 5, 5C and 5S. The iOS 8 system features tighter Mac OS X Yosemite integration while loosening the restrictions on Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This goes a long way to the Passbook-integrated Apple Pay. New software kits also bring once fragmented security and health gadgets together, something that this year’s “one more thing” surprise, the Apple Watch, will takes advantage of in early 2015.

Other New Features

Barometer – The barometer senses air pressure to determine your relative elevation. So as you move, you can keep track of the elevation you’ve gained. It can even measure stairs climbed or hills conquered.

Accelerometer – The accelerometer can measure your distance for walking and running. And by using GPS to calibrate for your running stride, the sensor more accurately captures your movement.

Gyroscope – In addition to knowing whether you’re on the move or stationary, M8 works with the gyroscope to detect when you’re driving. It also kicks into action when you’re taking panoramic photos or playing games that react to your movement.

Apple, iPhone 6, iOS 8, iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook, Smartphone

Image: Apple

Apple, iPhone 6, iOS 8, iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook, Smartphone

Image: Apple

Apple, iPhone 6, iOS 8, iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook, Smartphone

Image: Apple

Apple, iPhone 6, iOS 8, iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook, Smartphone

Image: Apple



Superga X Poppy 2014 Collection

The marketing managers from Superga was in search for a brand ambassador for their 2014/2015 Summer Collection, they needed someone who would embrace, live and represent the brand. Superga which is the Italian footwear brand, was looking for a elegant, grounded chic which is fashion forward and on trend, but which is also the public figure within the youth and entertainment industry.

Poppy Ntshongwana (5FM DJ, Club DJ, MC and TV Presenter), is the local face of Superga collection, as her personality and strong fashion sense, was just what the brand needed.

“I think this is probably the most exciting campaign I have ever been a part of. It speaks to who I am and what I love, which is fashion. I am extremely lucky that I get to be the face of a brand that I love and can grow with”

The collection has been released and are in stores available countrywide, this is a must-have for the summer.

Poppy Ntshongwana, Superga, South Africa, Fashion, Sneakers, Summer

Image: Superga

Poppy Ntshongwana, Superga, South Africa, Fashion, Sneakers, Summer

Image: Superga

Poppy Ntshongwana, Superga, South Africa, Fashion, Sneakers, Summer

Image: Superga

Poppy Ntshongwana, Superga, South Africa, Fashion, Sneakers, Summer

Image: Superga

How to achieve success – Joel Baloyi

How to achieve success

One afternoon on my way to the office I heard an advert on radio from our local South African radio channel. This ad was a man who called a plumbing company to help him with fixing a baking problem, then at the end of the ad a question is asked about you calling a plumber for either a baking problem or anniversary tips. The answer is simply NO!!!

Many small medium businesses are affected by these problems because they can’t afford to pay for expert advice and services like larger businesses — they rather go for anything that can help them save a buck. My question is how many times are you going to call a plumber to assist with muffins that aren’t coming out of the oven as they are supposed to ?

Everyone in business wants to have a website so people can find them anywhere they are, but for SMB’s its hard to find a web developer that can develop a website that is equivalent to a top quality website that they can afford with their small and limited budget. This is why we created — a website builder that creates custom websites with a price plan that best suits its target market of Small to Medium businesses. This product was developed by Thirdrail, a strategic marketing and web development studio that wants to see SMB’s succeeding online.

With many amazing features from cross platform websites (meaning that your website will look beautiful on any type of device) to an easy content editing system that enables any user to add, remove and edit content, without the need of having special technical skills. In fact, adding and editing content is as easy as working with a Microsoft Word document. For up to 10 great features and a monthly maintainance fee of as little as R250.00 it’s a deal worth looking into and investing in. As a small or medium business you don’t have the time or money to waste on getting tips and advice from a plumber about a baking problem.

So this is the time to consider in investing in something that will be worth your while. I would advise visiting to any small medium business that wants to invest in a quality website that brings results.

Guest Post: Joel Baloyi

Twitter: @Bigg_Joel
Passion, Work, Focus, Persist, ideas, Serve, Good

Image: Shuttershock

DJ Switch Ft. Maggz, L-Tido & Ganja Beatz – PARTY ON THE WEEKEND

The latest music video from Dj Switch ft Maggz, L-tido and HeemalG (Ganjabeatz) freshest collab on this track called ‘Party on the Weekend” although this is not the original track that was suppose to be released it came out epic, listen to the track that was suppose to be released on Soundcloud with a track called “Remember Last Nite”

Dj switch will be FINALLY be dropping his ep  titled #theSWITCHUP end of August 2014 with tracks still to come from him featuring CassperNyovest, Youngsta, Buffalo Soljah just to mention a few. Keep your ears and eyes locked onto #TheBiznizBlog for all the latest in Music and Entertainment as we keep you updated as things go down or Turn-UP.

The video was shot by: Studio Space Pitcures-South Africa

Some of the Tracks from the EP are available on iTunes
SMS “party” to 37618 for R7,50 (South Africa Only)

OppiKoppi ”Odyssey” 2014

The pre-oppi build up just was so huge, with all the artist and line up which was listed, there was no way anyone could have missed out on this one. It has been my first year in Johannesburg, so by default i was making the long trek to Northam, Limpopo.

This has been the 20th annual OppiKoppi Festival, in which it was just a little gathering on musicians and bands which performed on the little koppi back in a weekend in May 1994. The event organizers had no idea back than that the festival would turn out to be what it is today. The crowd has grown to over 20 000 festival goers, some of them which has just broken their Oppi-Virgin or some which are Oppi-Veterans.

The journey to Oppi was very much a mental and physical preparation for what was about to happen over the next 3 days, which if you ask me those 3 days felt like weeks/months. The sight of the koppi gets bigger and the music gets louder as you just approach which seems to be a magical musical wonderland. We decided to just set up the base-camp, which we didnt see much over the 3 days as the magical land was too vast and too much happenings going around throughout the 3 days.

Before heading to Oppi-Koppi, i did some homework and read many reviews on what i was about to get myself into and what our days in Odyssey was going to be like. That reviews had nothing on the what i was getting myself into. The friendly, 20 000 faces welcomes you from the time you set foot onto the farm. It felt like i knew and met these peoples for over 20 years, it was the spirit of one and no one was about to judge you for how you looked or even what you were or weren’t wearing in that case.

The music, performance and artist just took the whole festival to a whole other level and experience.  The music genres from which started off as just a Rock n Roll festival, we were coming across all genres of music such as Deep House, Trap, Dub Step, Drum and Bass, Classical, Hip Hop, Rap and even some poetry just to say. So if it was music which brought you to Oppi, than you would have gotten it all way around. The line-up of artist has us mission from one stage to the next, not wanting to miss out on any one of the artist which were performing out there. The festival lineup was just too hectic but the main headline acts were” Newtown Knife Gang”, ”The Kiffness”, ”The Wrestler, The Slut and TheDealer”, ”Metro Ticket”, ”DJ Capital”, ”DJ Soulo Starr”, ”Miss CJ”, ”Da Capo”, ”Reason”, ”Van Coke Kartel”, ”PHFat”, ”HHP”, ”The Sunday Punchers”, ”Cassper Nyovest”, ‘DJ Fresh”, ”Das Kapital” and ”Mr Green”.

(This should have been the part of the article in which i tell you much more of the 3 days events, but unfortunately that part is very much vague and was lost somewhere in the dust)

The overall experience at Oppi was really and truly a real magical journey (We witnessed many fairies, creatures, warriors, onesies, birthday suits, flying tents and magical jamming MK trojan horse). It was definitely a festival in which you had to experience and witness once in your life, but for me i would say that this was my first but it wouldn’t be my last.

Thanks to all which was involved in the Oppi-Koppi and we hope to see you all around for the next 20 years.

Big ups to all those involved with this festival and all the sponsor, ”Hilltop Live Media”, ”Windhoek Draught”, ”MK”, ”Red Bull Studio”, ”5FM”, ”MTV” and ”Rolling Stone”.

”We came, We Jolled, We Dusted”

In Dust We Trust

Oppikoppi,Odyssey, 2014, August, Northam, Limpopo, South Africa, Music Festival

Image: OppiKoppi


Oppikoppi,Odyssey, 2014, August, Northam, Limpopo, South Africa, Music Festival

Image: Hilltop Live


Oppikoppi,Odyssey, 2014, August, Northam, Limpopo, South Africa, Music Festival

Image: Oppi Koppi


Oppikoppi,Odyssey, 2014, August, Northam, Limpopo, South Africa, Music Festival

Image: Red Bull Studio


Oppikoppi,Odyssey, 2014, August, Northam, Limpopo, South Africa, Music Festival

Image: Project Cloud


Oppikoppi,Odyssey, 2014, August, Northam, Limpopo, South Africa, Music Festival

Image: MK Trojan


Oppikoppi,Odyssey, 2014, August, Northam, Limpopo, South Africa, Music Festival

Image: Red Bulletin

Black Vulcanite feat Youngsta – Drinking Life

The latest music video from the guys at Rude World Records, has just dropped and it features the Namibian hip-hop poet group Black Vulcanite and local rap boy from the Kaap repping himself as Youngsta. The video which takes us through the city of Cape Town, in which the artist perform while rolling through the city.

The visual effects, styling and musical aspect of the video is truly on point, and it has been cut out to be a complete jam. The city rolling in the background just adds a whole visual aspect throughout the video.

Black Vulcanite has also just announced the official merchandise collaboration with the Mzansi streetwear brand ZAXL, they have even released the line of clothing which is dopely available online at the ZAXL Store. Keeping following #TheBiznizBlog for the latest news and entertainment.