Pharrell Williams – GIRL

”G I R L” is the second studio album produced by Pharrell Williams, it has been 8 years since his first album in 2006 when he debut “In my mind”. After 2013 has been a big years for the American  singer, song writer, music producer, fashion designer and collaborator.  He has been awarded the Grammy for the ”Producer of the year”, which was just one of the many achievements from this young 40 year old guy. The new album ”G I R L” which was released on the 3 March 2014, has been tracking the tops charts all around the world and even Itunes stores. The 46:33 dance-pop album, with 10 songs featuring some of the top artists such as Justin Timberlake, Kelly Osbourne, Timbaland, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. If you have not yet gotten your hands on the album yet, the charts and media review  advised has you have  definitely need to do so. Available digitally on the Itunes Store and all good local music store.

 Pharrell Williams GIRL second studio album

Pharrell Williams – GIRL album art (Picture: Columbia Records)



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