Are you ready to be an Entrepreneur?

When i started this little venture of doing my own online entertainment  magazine, the challenges and adaption to the entrepreneur lifestyle. I remember while i was still doing my research i came across this article on the internet  titled ”5 Realities of being an Entrepreneur?” I had to just look at the main points again after been doing the online magazine for 2 months now, just to evaluate the current position of my venture and to understand why i was doing all of this.

  1.  An entrepreneur is an INVESTOR
  2. They do not buy OPPORTUNITY, they create them
  3. INVENTION is contagious
  4. Success  of invention, is BUSINESS-GROWTH
  5. Everyone has the ABILITY to entrepreneur
Entrepreneur, Business, Mind Set

Image: Shuttershock

At the end of the day, we all have dreamt of iy and not many of us had tried working on it. Maybe we not sure of which our BIZNIZ is right now, but be sure that we all have our BIZNIZ.


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