”Black Coffee’s” Human Orchestra

When they mention and talk about legends in South Africa Music, a name which for sure would be mentioned is that of DJ ”Black Coffee”.

The world’s leading Scotch whiskies Ballantine’s has recently released a short film capturing “Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra”

The Scottish traveled to the city of Johannesburg, Mzansi to hook up with Africa’s leading DJ and producers Black Coffee to discover his personal Stay True story, and see him undertake a unique musical experiment as he leads a 40 strong group of Africa’s finest vocalists in ‘Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra’, recreating one of his biggest tracks ‘Rock My World’ (featuring Soulstar) using only the power of 40 human voices and a real StayTrue mentality.

Born in Durban and now living in bustling Johannesburg, Black Coffee has been involved in music since the age of two. Since then he has gone on to become one of the biggest DJ/producers from Africa, playing all over the world and all whilst pushing his desire for musical experimentation in everything he does.

“Recreating one of my tracks using only vocals has given me the chance to really push the boundaries, something I love to do.”


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