Month: December 2014


Since I heard of this event I have always been too keen to check it out but only issue is that I was always in Johannesburg at the time. As a lover of deep house music I always followed the scene like a true disciple of house music, and if you are a disciple this is one of those events not to miss out as all.
This is the third rendition of HUSH and as per usual we do what we do best. GREAT SOUND & GREAT DJ’s. We have something special lined up, hopefully we can outdo our previous attempts.  Starting out with our first one at THE DRAGON ROOM & hosting our first international with JAMIE THINNES. This time its an all local line up in a legendary venue. Now called Manila Bar, which as we all know it was the house of all deep ”Deluxe”.
The line up:
8pm-9:30pm – Kyle Russouw & Slow Motion City (Phillip Blignaut)
9:30pm – 11pm – Adam De Smidt & Bryan Travis
11pm – 1am – Lady M (Margaret Westergreen)
1am – 4am – Soul Revolution (Cassiem Latief, Leighton Moody & Erefaan Pearce)

With a massive 3 hour set with 6 CDJ’S ,3 MIXERS & 3 DJ’S and the madness sounds, equipment and lights provided by ”Clarity”
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Upper Echelon Summer ’15 Lookbook

This year around at Str.Crd, i was not surprised one bit with the amount of Cape Town brands which was up in Johannesburg for the biggest urban and street culture event in Mzansi. These guys came through as ”Community Chest” which was brands from  Cape Town that had come together in order to bring up and showcase their brands at the Str.Crd event. One of those brands were ”Upper Echelon”, a brand which i heard of and saw some of the street-wear back when i was still in the Cape Town scene. After seeing the details, inspiration which they had to show at the event said alot about the brand and what they believe in and inspire to stand for.

Upper Echelon is a street couture label aimed at enlightening individuals through designs that tell a story, while simultaneously opening individuals minds to what is relevant and most times overlooked in today’s society.

We would be definitely seeing much more of these guys, and in that we need to keep pushing and supporting the local brands. Check out the latest ”Go Outside” lookbook for Summer ’15.

The range is fully available at ”Boaston Society” and ”Smith and Abrahams”

Upper Echelon, Go Outside, Lookbook, Summer 15

Upper Echelon, Go Outside, Lookbook, Summer 15

Upper Echelon, Go Outside, Lookbook, Summer 15

Upper Echelon, Go Outside, Lookbook, Summer 15

Upper Echelon, Go Outside, Lookbook, Summer 15

Upper Echelon, Go Outside, Lookbook, Summer 15

Upper Echelon, Go Outside, Lookbook, Summer 15

Nike ”All i want for xmas”

Dear Santa

I trust that you have been all good and well.

I know that i have been writing to you for many years and i guest this year around i have been a good boy and thought why not let me give it one more shot. This year i have made it abit easier for the both of us to choose what i deserve to  have for xmas, but not to worry i have made it as simple as possible. The team from had put together a selection of the freshest and dopest Nike sneaker, which they have stocked up this year. I have made a short-list of my top 5 wishes which i would not mind seeing under my Christmas tree at all.

NB: I have forget to mention, they an online store which cuts out the hassle of you having to find parking for yourself and your reindeer’s at the busy shopping malls. But also avoiding and saving you the time and frustration for having to standing in endless long queues with just having to add to cart. The free delivery and returns options makes it perfect as they will have it delivered right under my Christmas tree.

  1. Nike Blazer Mid Premium Vintage QS (R1099.00)

    Nike, Sneakers, Blazer

    Image: Superbalist

  2. Nike Air Max Lunar 90 (R1699.00)

    Nike, Air Max, Lunar, Sneaker

    Image: Superbalist

  3. Nike Air Max 95 HW QS (R1999.00)

    Nike, Air Max, Sneakers, 95

    Image: Superbalist

  4. Nike Roshe Run Suede (R899.00)

    Nike, Roshe Run, Sneakers, Suede

    Image: Superbalist

  5. Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 (R999.00) 

    Nike, Air Force, Mid 1 97, Sneakers

    Image: Superbalist

Best regards,

Sneaker Heads


J Cole: 2014 Forest Hill Drive

J Cole has always had a playlist on my iPod, whether it was his first album back in 2011 with ”Cole World: The Sideline Story” or ”Born Sinner” which was released in 2013. The American hip-hop rapper latest album to his list was ”2014 Forest Hill Drive” which was for sure added to my playlist not a minute after the album was available for download on the net.

The album which sees no special appearance or guest artist, but sees a full 13 track album with Cole jamming behind the mic. He didn’t do all of this on his own, with helps from producers such as Cardiak, Vinylz, Phonix Beats, Willie B and of course Cole himself. I might not be able to say that thus is by far his best album, but it will definitely be staying on my iPod on repeat for some time to come. The album is still available for download on itunes.

Album Track-List 

  1. Intro
  2. January 28th
  3. Wet Dreamz
  4. 03′ Adolescence
  5. A Tale of 2 Citiez
  6. Fire Squad
  7. St. Tropez
  8. G.O.M.D.
  9. No Role Modelz
  10. Hello
  11. Apparently
  12. Love Yourz
  13. Note to Self