Event – ”Slay In the City”

#MyfriendsareDangerous presents #SlayintheCity!

Its about Peeps that are Slaying in their chosen fields to come party & network with other Slayers & what better way to do that while listening to Great Music from our Slaying Dj’s & enjoying Good Food in the City!

Dj Line Up:

– Love Slave Phola
– Sickmentality
– Keith
– Absa Deep
– Bambatha Jones
– Scooby
– Veta
– Izzy La Vague



Mpintshi KwaiJazzy

Venue: Monchhichi, 23 Fox Street, Johannesburg. Opposite the Magistrate Court.

Cost: R30 BEFORE 8PM & R50 AFTER


The guide to Sneaker Terminology

The Sneaker Exchange – Johannesburg event is just a day away from the biggest gathering of sneakerheads from all over Mzansi. I have decided to do something abit different this time around, which is both suited for the beginner and the OG level sneakerheads.


So do you really know the meaning and the terminology which is most likely to be used at the event, whether you speak to anyone and everyone, it would more or less consist of the terms listed below. Whether you are a beginner in the sneaker game, this would be a good place to start and get up to date but also if you an OG level in the game why not test your knowledge.

  1. Aglets: are the little things that are on the end of your shoelaces. They used to be made of simple plastic but now, they come in everything from carbon fiber to custom labeled versions to Jesus piece-matching gold on the Nike Air Yeezy II.


  2. Beaters: are those kicks you always choose to wear, even after they’ve been worn over and over again. In fact, at a certain point, you start to love every bit of  its character that its shows in the form of creases, scuffs, stains, and that always lovely stench. Well, maybe not the stench. And without fail, even if you have 1,000 pairs of sneakers, you wind up with a pair of beaters. This is the one pair of sneaker that if it could talk, would tell a story of its own.
  3. Colorway: A sneaker’s colorway is the particular combination of colors applied to a sneaker. It’s also a vastly annoying term, but a necessary evil in this world of ours. Often times, a nickname is associated with the colorway that’s found on the box. For instance, the Oregon, the Black Cements and the True Blues are all different colorways of the Jordan III silhouette. Come on people, can’t we just memorize the color codes?The-Jordan-Colourway
  4. Deadstock: often shortened to just DS, is a term used to say that a pair of sneakers has never been worn. We’re not exactly sure how it went from “dead stock” to “deadstock,” but sometimes you just have to say, “It’s a sneakerhead thing.” Contrary to what eBay may lead you to believe, a sneaker that has been tried on, let alone “worn only inside” is NOT deadstock.
  5. Deubré: Nike is always on top of adding details to their sneakers. The iconic Air Force 1 features on of the most misnamed details in the sneaker world, the deubré (or dubray). Sure, “lacetag” works just as well to describe that little label at the base of the shoelaces, but deubré, the name just makes you sound so much cooler. We think it’s French for “whale’s vagina.”
  6. Grails: A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. For sneakerheads, grails are the same, in the sense that they’re the shoes you have to have before you die. Most grails tend to be uber-rare and extremely limited sneakers but for some sneakerheads, it can be that colorway that you can wear everyday and for others it’s that old pair you had as a kid that you wish you would have held onto. Grails are the shoe that complete you… and your sneaker collection. (Not that your collection will ever be “complete” — stop lying to yourself already.)joe-haden-sneaker-collection-cleveland-browns-02
  7. High Top: not rooftops-high like Wiz Khalifa, more like thunderous slam dunks and roughing people up in the paint high like David Robinson, Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins. High-tops back in the day were made to give additional ankle support. They were also actual high-tops, meaning the height of the sneaker was well above the top of the ankle. There are very few true high-tops made today, the Supra TK Society in fact, is the first one that comes to mind and it’s a skate shoe. Sigh. What passes for a “high” today would have been a low back in the day. Call us lame sneakerheads, but sometimes we miss those days.
  8. Lows: This one is pretty self explanatory, with the exception of, well, all sorts of things. Lows, or low-tops, are typically cut below the top of the ankle or lower. Or if it’s late in the day and you ain’t been on the court yet, call them a short set. Just like with high tops, back in the day lows were higher — the Charles Barkley worn Air Force 180 was actually the Air Force 180 Low, which it decidedly isn’t.adidas-originals-2013-spring-packk-1
  9. Mids: hated by most, loved by few, worn by all. When it comes to mids, silhouettes like the Dunk and Air Force 1 are an “acquired taste.” They were also latecomers to the party, created due to popular demand. However, trainers and many basketball shoes fall into the mid-cut category without the label, which somehow makes them better. Many high tops have been retroed AS mids, however, which is simply unacceptable.
  10. NIB (New in the Box) is short for new in box, or new in the box. Period. If a shoe has been taken out of the box, as long as you didn’t try them on and you put them back exactly as they were, they can still qualify. But they’re no longer deadstock, though. Sorry. (“NIB” is also a great Black Sabbath song that we’re pretty sure has nothing to do with sneakers.)
  11. OGsOriginals: Not a retro, not a re-release, but the first time a shoe released is the only time a sneaker is called OG. It’s like code, for original. Don’t get caught slippin’ and say a retro is an OG because the Twitter sneaker police will ridicule you, because, you know, they have nothing better to do.sneaker-pimps-2012-los-angeles-recap-14-620x413
  12. Player Edition: A player-edition sneaker is one that is designed for a specific player, and then made available at retail, often times as a quickstrike or limited release. The Ray Allen Air Jordan XIII is a great example of this, Boston Celtics colors, Sugar Ray’s signature on the tongue and released in limited quantities so that some fans get a chane to wear their hero’s shoes.
  13. Reseller: A reseller is someone who buys sneakers (usually in bulk) with the intent to sell them. Love them or hate them, they’re a part of this sneaker thing and they’re not going away. They make it hard  Some of them provide you with a chance to get OG releases that you won’t find anywhere else. Others, they walk out of the local mall carting a full size run of those retros you won’t be able to get, gloating and taking pics for Instagram along the way. Guess which type makes us bitter?
  14. Retro: A retro model is a sneaker that came out previously that is released again. Retro sneakers are simultaneously the best and worst thing about sneakers. On the one hand, a retro model (aka bring-back, throwback, re-release) gives most of us the chance to grab a pair of shoes we either couldn’t get before, or we wore so much we gotta have another pair. On the other hand, it’s retros that seem to be the highest in demand on the resale market, making them harder to come by because of the quick buck people think they can make off of them. But we’ll take any retros we can get, really.
  15. Hypebeast: You know that friend of yours that has to have every new limited release, even if it means selling the pair they just bought last week? The one that buys sneakers based on how many people on Twitter say it’s cool? Yep, we all have them. A Hypebeast consumes hype and reacts accordingly. Never forget, as PM Dawn once said: “Don’t believe the hype because if you do it might deceive you.” And you thought they were one-hit wonders. And, as someone else once said about hype, “as an equal can I get this through to you?”



”SneakerExchange” Johannesburg

SneakerExchange is the largest sneaker trading event in Africa.

”From its humble beginnings at a coffee shop in Woodstock Cape Town, the event has grown exponentially to individual cities throughout South Africa. With each event offering a different atmosphere, the original concept remains true to its root of BUY, TRADE, and SELLING sneakers”

Sneaker Exchange, Johannesburg, Events, Entertainment, Music, Performance, Bullion, Braamfontein, Lifestyle
What do you get when you have the ”Sneaker Culture x Sick Line Up x Hottest Mzansi Acts x Dopest Venue” all in the heart of Braam, Johannesburg = Sneaker Exchange JHB. Its been doing the rounds all over the country and its back in the game for the JHB oakes.

This year event is promised to be bigger and better than before, not as if SXC has ever come short in anything in the past. With a venue set in the heart of the city overlooking the view of the CBD named the ”Bullion, Braamfontein” and with this being said i think it just gets on another level.

Sneaker Exchange, Johannesburg, Events, Entertainment, Music, Performance, Bullion, Braamfontein, Lifestyle

The day will be kept in line by the Host and MC of the day: ”Shelton Forbes and Sandile GQ Ntshingila

The line up of Deejays and even the live performing acts this year has just gone from 0 – Turn up real quick.

The list of DJ’s which are on deck duty for the day:

And than to top that all off with the hottest and dopest Mzansi acts right about now and with many more to come:

Sneaker Exchange, Johannesburg, Events, Entertainment, Music, Performance, Bullion, Braamfontein, Lifestyle

Event Details:

Date: 29 August 2015

Venue: The Bullion. Braamfontein 

Time: 11:00 – 18:00

Damage: R60 in bucks

Sneaker Exchange, Johannesburg, Events, Entertainment, Music, Performance, Bullion, Braamfontein, Lifestyle

Olmeca DJ Sessions – Spring Fiesta Edition

So, you’re been a DJ for a while and now its the time for you to take it to another level, the ”Olmeca DJ Session’‘ level. And all you really need to make it, is a busting crowd to hear your beats? Well, Olmeca’s here to give you your big break. All you need to do is upload your mix and, if it’s sick enough, you’ll be playing some of the best stages of the country.

Olmeca Tequila, Spring Fiesta, Soul Candi Records, Metro FM, Switch on the night,
How it works 
We’ll choose the top 5 DJ’s from our 7 regions and then it’s up to the people. That’s right, the crowd will vote right here for their favourite DJ to take the main stage at Spring Fiesta. Runners up won’t be going home empty handed though, we’ve also got spots open at Road Show events and Generation Stage.

So put up your most fists-pumping, bass thumping banger on Mixcloud and enter it here to start your journey to your big break.

Enter Here ::

Region Includes
• Pretoria
• Sandton
• Soweto
• East Rand
• Vaal
• Durban
• Nelspruit

The Prize 
1. Winner
Opening set on the Soul Candi Main Stage @ Spring Fiesta 2015
1 x Digital Music Composition & Production Course
2 VVIP Tickets to the event.

* Chosen by the Soul Candi & Olmeca Tequila team (taken from the winners of each region)

2. Runner Up
DJ Set on the ‘Generation Next Floor’ at Spring Fiesta 2015
VIP Tickets to the event.
Chosen by the public. (Winner’s of each region)

Olmeca Tequila, Spring Fiesta, Soul Candi Records, Metro FM, Switch on the night,

The Terms and Condition

• Name your file in the correct format: DJ Name / City / Genre
• Entries must be no longer than 20 minutes.
• Entries need to be uploaded to Mixcloud & link needs to be submitted with application
• Genres may include House, Deep House, Hip Hop, Ragga / Dancehall & Kwaito.
• Entries need to be according to where you live. [ ie) Someone living in Pretoria cant enter the Durban region competition.]
• Winners from surrounding areas of the region that require air travel & accommodation, will be covered by Spring Fiesta.
• All entries need to be 18 & over. If you are under 18 you will be disqualified.
• Soul Candi, Spring Fiesta & Olmeca Tequila reserve the rights to oversee that the voting by the public correspond to that of the required quality.

The entries will close on 22 June 2015.

If you require any further details to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity than please do check out the links below,

Switch on the Night and also both of Spring Fiesta on Facebook and on Twitter.


Junta – ”Deep House, Comrades”

Greetings Comrades,

It is with great pride that we bring you our next installment of JUNTA!

We have partnered with The Sheds – an artisanal  market, surrounded by eateries and bars, located at 1 Fox Street in Johannesburg to bring you a combination of great music and craft food.

La Cucina Pizza & Pasta, Baha TacoBalkan Burger and Black Sam Smoque will cater to your dining requirements; and for your musical craving – Kyle Cassim with Justin Chalice live, Jazzuelle (Lazy Days Recordings and Get Physical Music), Dawee, TanZzanite and one of South Africa’s most influential DJ’s, producers and songwriters – the titan himself, Ryan Dent!


Junta, The Shed, Red Bull Studio, Deep House, Event, Johannesburg


Sound good? Then all you need do is register on the link below but please take not of our new Terms & Conditions on the registration page.

See you soon Comrades,

Event Registration

”Grown and Sexy” at The Sands

C4 Events, The Sands & Litha Yaya lifestyle events presents:

 ”Grown & Sexy ”

We’d like to invite you & your friends to come & enjoy a mature, trendy event with great people. Our music covers Hip Hop, RnB & some warm soulful house. Why not come and party it up with Mature & Trendy, Smooth & Groovy, Good Energy & cool people. Take the initiative, gather your friends, book a spot & sink in, while good music moves your soul.

Grown and Sexy, Events, Party, Music, C4 events, Litha Yaya events, Lifestyle, South Africa, Johannesburg

We’ll also be screening the champions league finals between Juventus & Bacelona on all of our LCD screens at 8:45.

Twins on Decks
Chrizz Beatz
Keenan O
& more

Venue: The Sands in Sandton
 58 Wierda road east

Date: 6th June 2015

Time: The beats drop at 14h00

Ladies free before 5pm

Table bookings & Presale:

Cost: R1200 for a table, 1 bottle & mixers (Jameson/Jack Daniels//Absolut) & 5 tickets

R80 presale.

R100 at the door until 8pm
If you require any further details or information, feel free to contact:

Blindspot – Authentic House Party


If you have ever been too a party which was hosted by the guy from Limelyt entertainment, i think we all know that he has never thrown a party of poor quality and turn-up. The Blindspot, Authentic House party is none the less not going to come short of that at all.

A house on the hill overlooking the beautiful scenery that JHB has to offer. Red cups, ice cold drinks, short skirts, shorts and shades. All your favourite DJ’s keeping you moving all day n night!!! You might even land up in the pool!!

This is the ultimate house party!!

All this goes down on Saturday the 1st of November 2014!!
-We open the gates at 1pm.
-It’ll only cost you R80 to get in before 5pm.
-No U18s cos its gonna be complete debauchery!!!

Bottle specials til 5pm!!
Skyy and mixers for R500
Jameson and mixers for R650

4 Steyn Street, Observatory

For more info contact Damian Hare

Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party


Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party


Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party


Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party


Blindspot - Authentic House Party

Blindspot – Authentic House Party

Style Fashion Week Africa 2014

Style Fashion Week Africa is  a fashion show that aims to promote and help designers and models all over Africa to enter the fashion industry and sustain their brands through collaborations and mentorships from other fashion lovers from all over the world. Style Fashion Week Africa also aims to celebrate our heritage as Africans and to learn from other Africans.


Our vision is to keep our heritage alive, there is a need to practice it every day. In such times, fashion is the best way to celebrate our heritage 365 days a year. We want to see the new generation of South Africa and Africa as a whole proudly wearing clothing with cultural features. Young designers from Swaziland, Durban and Johannesburg will be showcasing their heritage inspired ranges from the 26th- 27 September. Style fashion Week Africa has not only engaged models from other provinces, but also models from Namibia as well.

Date: 26- 27 September 2014
Time: 18:00 -22:00
Venue: Museum Africa Newtown, 121 Bree Street Johannesburg, Gauteng

The beneficiary of Style Fashion Week Africa is Hospie Toys, a charity organization started by a 21 year old Mosa who spent most of her life in hospital suffering from a kidney disease. Having seen what it feels like to spend most of your life in hospital, she decided to collect children’s books and toys and donate them to children in hospital.

Style Fashion Week Africa will have : Designer Stalls, Great Fashion Labels on the runway, Cash Bar, DJs, Poets, Singers , Dancers, Celeb Judges and may more

Follow us :




Style Fashion Week, Africa, Fashion, Designer, Johannesburg, Africa. SFWA

Image: Sandor Oroszi

Style Fashion Week Africa, Fashion, Designer, Johannesburg, Africa. SFWA

Image: Sandor Oroszi

Style Fashion Week Africa, Fashion, Designer, Johannesburg, Africa. SFWA

Image: Sandor Oroszi

Style Fashion Week Africa, Fashion, Designer, Johannesburg, Africa. SFWA

Image: Sandor Oroszi



Major League Garden is the ultimate social festival, a spring outdoor funfair event with the best outdoor activities and live stage of the best acts Mzansi can offer. A place where you can join the finest ladies and gents for a day of drinks, dance and summer madness! A place where friends get together to usher in the finest season, through sounds of laughter and music. An occasion where you get to bring your own cooler boxes (before 5pm), or join us in the Major League beer garden. Not forgetting your camp chairs, picnic blankets and non-chalet vibes to share in the greatness of the Major League Garden


  • MR X
  • ZAN D


  • KO

Venue: Wanderers Stadium (Rosebank)
Time: 12pm until late
Date: 20th September 2014
Theme: Fun underneath the SUN

Presold : R150 (limited) COMPUTICKET
Tickets at the door: R200

VIP Charge: R500


Its a day of loads fun and good times. Lets turn up and make it memorable. See you there.

Major League Gardens, Social Festival, Johannesburg

Image: Honda Music

Major League Gardens, Social Festival, Johannesburg

Image: Honda Music

Are you ”Fancy” huh?

The most anticipated party in a long time is upon us! Featuring Joburg’s hottest line up with the sexy DJ duo of Rikki Brest and the MAC Twins

(Yes, those are the girls on the flyer!), which if you ask me are even hotter once they get behind the decks.

They will be supported by former 5FM favourite DJ Devin and current 5FM favourite Chrizz BeatzKeenan O joins the DJ onslaught as he drops his latest single with BAZY B that’s making waves all over SA! “Conquer the World” (Available on iTunes, Beatport, Traxsource)

The DJ entourage is supported by MR G | SUA CASA REI | MONK

This is going to be the one you don’t want to miss! Prizes and surprises galore, cos we FANCY huh!

  • Doors Open at 21h00 (FREE before 21h30)
  • Dress Code: Smart/Smart Casual
  • Strictly no under 18’s  ROAR

Twitter: #SoFancy  BBM: 76301085

For additional Info and Table bookings contact:  084 510 7000 or

Vacca Matta, Friday 25 July, So Fancy Party

Image: Keenan O