Jordan Sneakers


During the early hours of 24th July, the beautiful and talented ”Nicki Minaj” announces her latest single with dropping this little (Or not soo little) album cover on her social media channels and website.

The album art did just what it needed on the social media platforms, with causing quite a stir. The picture which after just hours of its release, can have taken much of the concentration off the announcement of the latest single ”Anaconda” but rather focusing it on more obvious places. (Insert words here). The cover artwork sees “Nicki Minaj’‘ crouched down in a little pink sports top and a tiny g-string, while wearing the dope Jordan customed hi-top sneakers.

Lets just hope that the ”Anaconda” single, really does stand up to the saying ”A Picture says a 1000 words”

Nicki Minaj, Anaconda, Pink Friday, Sports Bra, Thong, Jordan Sneakers

Image: Pink Friday