Phuza Thursday

Phuza Thursday: ”Harael Salkow” – Sunset Mix

Its that time of the week again and this week we turn it up a notch. In the weekly take of our dose of Phuza Thursday mixes, we feature the legend that is ”Harael Salkow”

If you have been a househead or you just fell in love with house music, you must have by now heard of the ”Sunset Mix”. In my case i have being following the sunset mix series since episode 1 and today we are on episode 84, so i have really come a long way in loving this mix series.

So why not enjoy what he has prepared in this episode, take this mix with a slice of lemon and salt.


Phuza Thursday: ”Winnie Deep” Mix

Winnie Deep is a young talented DJ and Producer from the Mother City with a love for all notes black and white. Entered the performance art industry as a DJ for 3 years, Soon to realize the love and passion is somewhere else – In the music.

Taking on the task of producing his own original records and with the background knowledge of being a DJ he saw an opportunity, something much more special than DJ’ing – Performing Live. Winnie Deep chose to become a live performer and to perform his own records .

”I see this as a way to connect with the audience on a personal level , Giving them “You” in a language that is spoken globally, That everyone understands – Music.”

Winnie Deep Is Not Only Just A DJ but a Deep House Enthusiast,Lover and Fanatic. Creating his own Deep house compositions of soul and dance is where his great true love and passion lies.

”A fully South African inspired mix including tracks by Dj Fortee, Gemini Boyz, Ralf Gum and Zakes Bantwini just to name a few. The mix is a afro jazzy soulful blend for the first part mixing into a more deep African vocal side.” – Winnie Deep

Phuza Thursday: ”Robin Would B2B Kyle Russouw” mix

Its that time of the week again, when we are one day closer to the weekend and we get to listen to that good good in our Phuza Thursday mix.

I am a avid music lover, more of the deep house or just house music being my genre of choice. And in that i love finding the coolest, dopest and deepest mixes on the web. This time around it is no different at all. I have been away from Cape Town for almost 2 years now and there have been many new kids on the block which is pushing and pumping the deep hard.

This week Phuza Thursday mix is from ”Robin Would” and ”Kyle Russouw” with a 2 hour set which was recorded at the Private Life event hosted at ERA Main Room.

How do you enjoy your Phuza Thursday to be mixed?


Its been a short working week, but than again its that time of the week again. Yes it is time for this weeks ”Phuza Thursday” mix, in which i feature a special mix just to prepare you for the weekend and ease your way to the end of the week.

This week mix comes from a good friend, Mr Bahle Mncedisi or in the DJ world is known as ”Hlezz”, when i approach him to feature his new mix, he made sure he sent a proper mix dubbed ”Room Temperature”. This will be the first mix for this week and will feature another mix next week as part of a 2 week feature.

As a very humble but busy guy, as he is a deep house lover since the early days in which he found his love for music. His little bio which goes as follows: ”Deep House Love Affair Co- Founder DJ, House Music Analyst, Marketing and Distribution, House Music Addict”

Check out the link below to this weeks feature of the ”Phuza Thursday’‘ mix:

Phuza Thursday: ”The Goodness – Byran Travis” mix

Its a Thursday, most parts of Mzansi is either cold as hell or covered in snow. But than again a thurdays is that small start to the weekend and also for some Phuza (A traditional zulu term for drink, it follows that ‘phuza thursday’ is the act of drinking (most commonly binge drinking) on a thursday night).

This weeks Phuza Thursday mix is in the form of ”The Goodness”, which is mixed by Byran Travis. I been listening to this DJ since i was a young ”Disciple of the Deep” back in the Mother City. And with having to move to another city, i knew i was not going to be able to be apart of the disciples. But than the release of his mix series called ”The Goodness” was released, in which we have heard some sounds of deepness house, some futuristic beats and catchy hip hop noise in the mix.


Check out the latest beats to keep warm this winter and to start off that PHUZA Thursday.